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      Grasps "ability and political integrity, good for first, dedication, the team first" working tenet, make a superb team, train and bring up a team to win the market, create a team lead, lead the value orientation, has a sense of mission and sense of responsibility of the personnel, support the realization of the strategic objectives, is our constant pursuit.

      1. Improve the incentive mechanism

      We adhere to the "transparent, fair and just" incentive mechanism to establish clear performance goals for employees and directly link performance results with incentives so that employees' contributions can be recognized in a timely manner.

      2.Care about employee growth

      We respect everyone's knowledge and ability, and pay attention to the cultivation of employees' quality. We provide fair competition opportunities and environments, and strive to achieve self-worth through competition and cooperation; We provide employees with clear career development channels and challenging work, so that employees can enjoy the happiness of growing with the enterprise.

      3.Build a passionate team
      We always firmly believe that "only satisfied employees can provide satisfactory services to customers". We strive to create a positive atmosphere, fully respect and trust employees, constantly guide and encourage employees to work with passion and enjoy the joy of achievements

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